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Paducah Middle

A Tradition of Excellence

Since it opened in 1980, Paducah Middle School has united students in the "Tornado" spirit -- in classroom and extracurricular activities.

To ease the transition from elementary school, sixth-graders are grouped in teams with fewer teachers and class changes. Seventh and eighth grades are also organized by teams for more flexibility in program planning of cross-curricular activities.

We offer a variety of pre-AP services for gifted students. They include honors classes, the Duke Talent Identification Program and extracurricular Governor's Cup, Math Counts and Odyssey of the Mind academic competitions.

Four "Encore" classes are offered on a nine-week rotation: art, physical education, technology and music.

Paducah Middle School News

Metalwork Art Piece

Metalwork Art Piece is Installed at Paducah Middle

Eighth-graders in Terri Sauer's studio art class at Paducah Middle School celebrated the installation a large metalwork artpiece that they helped create in the atrium of Paducah Middle. A picture of a tornado -- the school mascot -- was carved as a relief mold made out of resin-bonded sand and divided into 4-inch-square pieces, which the students were able to carve their own designs into the background. More +
Pen Pals Celebration

Clark, Morgan, and McNabb Fifth Graders Gather to Celebrate Pen Pal Project

Fifth graders from Clark Elementary. McNabb Elementary, and Morgan Elementary capped off a year-long, student-led Pen Pal Project at Paducah Middle School on May 16. Throughout the school year, students from Paducah Public Schools’ three fifth grade classes have written letters back and forth to each other, allowing them to get to know their future classmates before they make the transition to middle school.

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Paducah Pen Pals

Kentucky Education Commissioner Honors Paducah Pen Pal Project

by Emily Smith
The Paducah Sun
May 10, 2019
Used with permission.
The transition from elementary to middle school can be scary for students.

From a new building to new classmates and a new curriculum, finding a niche or simply making a new friend can seem intimidating and nearly impossible for sixth-graders.

That's why three local students set out last year to make the adjustment more bearable -- and a lot more fun -- for fifth-graders preparing to start their middle school experience. Little did they know, their small project would make a big impact -- big enough to stand out on a statewide level.

The Paducah Pen Pal Project was one of three student-based efforts from across the commonwealth honored through a new initiative aimed at promoting education. On April 24, Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis recognized the project and the students who created it, or have been involved with it.

Paducah Middle School sixth-graders Russell Hancock, Myrikal Boyd and Paige Dennis came together and imagined the idea for the project independently last year.

"The Pen Pal Project came about because we wanted to relieve some stress off the fifth-graders about going to middle school," Boyd said. "We wanted them to have at least one friend instead of having to meet all these new people, so they wouldn't be as nervous."

Hancock said the project begins in the second quarter of the school year, when students begin writing letters back and forth to each other until the last few weeks of school.

"The first letter is like, who we actually are, the second letter is about what we were afraid of for starting middle school, and the third one is about what we were excited about for middle school," Boyd said. "It was really fun."

At the end of the school year, pen pals have the opportunity to meet each other in person at a party in the Paducah Middle School gym, where students are placed into a group with their pen pal and compete against other groups to win games and prizes.

To participate in the Kentucky Department of Education's Student Ambassador Initiative, interested student groups submitted an "Intent to Participate" form, detailing an education-related community service project. Student groups then submitted a video highlight of their project, explaining its impact.

Lewis viewed submitted videos and hand selected the student groups that were honored.

"I didn't really understand how big it was until people from Louisville were coming in and they were some of the winners," Hancock said. "I thought that was pretty cool because we were up against some big people."

The students said they had the opportunity to shake the commissioner's hand in Frankfort.

"All of the student groups who participated are doing great things in their communities," Lewis said last month. "The students who are being honored today, however, have done amazing work emphasizing the importance of a high-quality education and how it can be transformational in a young person's life."

Dennis said Lewis told each group what he specifically liked about their projects.

"(Commissioner Lewis) said he liked that instead of it just helping our one school, it kind of helped the community of fifth-graders going to a whole other school," Dennis said.

Lewis also told Paducah Independent students that he liked how the project fostered inclusion, and encouraged students to stay in school, despite transition periods.

"The transition point from elementary to middle and middle to high school, that's where they lose a lot of students," group coordinator Mary Hunter Hancock said. "To do things like this encourages students to get more involved and stay in school."

Because there are more than 200 students in their eighth-grade class alone at Paducah Middle School, Hancock, Boyd and Dennis said they feel proud knowing they have made a difference in the lives of younger students.

"A lot of the fifth-graders came up to me and told me they actually enjoyed it, and that they weren't even scared to start middle school anymore," Dennis said. "We started a tradition."

Boyd said she feels good knowing she has helped students like her younger siblings.

"I definitely feel good, because I know my siblings who go to McNabb, they're really shy," Boyd said. "They don't talk, they don't like meeting new people, they don't like going to different schools, so I know it at least helped them feel better about going to middle school." 
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Kris Durfee

Durfee Named Assistant Principal and Athletics Director at Paducah Middle School

Paducah Tilghman High School athletic director and assistant principal Kris Durfee will be moving to Paducah Middle School to serve as assistant principal and its first full time athletic director. Durfee will begin his work at Paducah Middle July 1.

Superintendent Donald Shively said the goal of moving Durfee from PTHS to PMS is to use his experience at Paducah Tilghman to build a similar leadership structure and approach to athletics and extracurriculars that has been implemented with good results at Paducah Tilghman.

“As we assess our district and look for ways to improve both our academic and extracurricular opportunities for students, we recognized the need for strategic alignment between the middle school and the high school in arts, athletics, and academics. We want every facet of teaching and learning at the middle school to align with Tilghman so our students will have a seamless transition,” Shively said.

“At Tilghman we have an assistant principal who is focused on academics, an assistant principal focused on behavior and discipline, and an assistant principal focused on extracurricular activities and athletics.  This model has been extremely successful at Tilghman, so we want to implement the same model at the middle school. Mr. Durfee will be focused on improving our athletic and extracurricular offerings at the middle school. Additionally, Mr. Durfee will work to align our little league sports programs with middle school athletics so we have solid transitions in our sports programs from elementary to middle to high school.” 

Shively said that while a new position is being added at the middle school, personnel costs will remain the same due to savings in other areas.
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Paducah Pens Pals Receive Award

Kentucky Education Commissioner Honors Paducah Pen Pal Project

FRANKFORT, KY) – Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis on April 24 honored three student-based organizations from across the Commonwealth for their participation in a new initiative aimed at promoting the importance of education.  The Paducah Pen Pal Project was one of the honorees. 

The Paducah Pen Pal Project was established to engage young students as they transition from elementary to middle school, allowing students to hone creative and authentic writing skills and to foster inclusion, empathy and acceptance.

“Throughout the school year, students from Paducah Independent Schools’ three fifth grade classes write letters back and forth to each other, allowing students to get to know their future middle school classmates before they make the big transition,” said group coordinator Mary Hunter Hancock.
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Future Blood Donor graphic

Paducah Middle to Host Blood Drive May 3

Paducah Middle School  is partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive through the Future Blood Donor program. This program will introduce students to the importance of blood donation. Your student will have the opportunity to show leadership and help save lives by recruiting blood donors for our upcoming blood drive. You can support your student, our school and help save lives by donating blood, recruiting other donors or volunteering at the blood drive.  The blood drive will be Friday, May 3, at Paducah Middle School from 12:30 - 5:30 p.m.

*Each student who recruits a blood donor will receive a free buffet card from Pizza Inn

*The classroom who recruits the most donors (minimum of 5) wins a pizza party from Pizza Inn

The blood drive is being coordinated by  Emily Springer, and the Padudah Middle Lighthouse Team

To participate, you can complete the form that is attached and return it to your child’s teacher to schedule your blood donation appointment or contact Ms. Springer at
To see the form, click "Read More".
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