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Welcome Back, Students!
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"I am very excited to welcome you to a very select group - the student body of Paducah Tilghman High School. We have reason to be proud of our school because of its outstanding reputation in our state and nation. Tilghman students for many years have compiled noteworthy achievements in both their scholastic and extra curricular endeavors. We know that you can appreciate this tradition, and that we can expect you and your fellow students to add to the luster of our school's past accomplishments. We want your days at Tilghman to be enjoyable, profitable, fulfilling and hope that you take advantage of the many opportunities which will be made available to you."


Arthur Davis, Principal

Paducah Tilghman News

Tremayne Donald Named PTHS baseball coach

Tremayne Donald Named Paducah Tilghman Head Baseball Coach

Tremayne Donald was introduced as head coach for Paducah Tilghman High School baseball at a press conference held at PTHS on August 6.

Donald, a Paducah Tilghman alumnus, had an exceptional career as a three sport athlete (basketball, football, and baseball) in high school.  In football, Donald was an honorable mention High School All American, and in baseball he was named to the Kentucky High School All Star Team. After graduation Donald was drafted into major league baseball by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Donald has over 21 years of experience as a baseball coach, and has coached high school baseball at Community Christian Academy and Ballard Memorial High School. He has served as Director of Operations for five years for Kentucky Prospects Baseball.  

“It is an honor and privilege to stand before you today,” said Donald. “Through all my experiences in life I believe that God was preparing me for this very day when I would be named the head coach at the school my life has always centered around – Paducah Tilghman High School. To my players, let me say that I was that little boy who couldn’t wait to wear the Tilghman uniform. We are Paducah Tilghman, and you will come to understand what that means. We as a team will never take lightly the deep, rich tradition that is Paducah Tilghman.”
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PTHS Band Practice

PTHS band stays in tune with the 'End of the World'

by David Snow
The Paducah Sun
July 29, 2019
Used with permission.
The Paducah Tilghman High School marching band will start this year's show with the end of the world -- but things get better after that.

James Gregory, who begins his fifth year as the PTHS band director, said the theme for this year's program, which will be performed during football halftimes and band competitions, is "A World Reborn."

"We're kind of playing off the nature aspect of it," Gregory said. "We're starting off with REM's 'It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine).' We're taking the approach that this is the end of the world -- everything's getting blown up and what have you.

"The second tune that we're playing is 'Allegro barbaro' by Bela Bartok, and that's kind of saying that people have screwed up the world and we're kind of upset about it. Then, our ballad piece is going to be Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature,' where we start asking questions about why these things are happening. Then, our closer is 'Down Comes the Rain,' which is a piece written by Hidden Citizens, where the world resets itself." 
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Lillian Wisner 4-H Speech

Wisner Named Kentucky 4-H Speech Grand Champion

PTHS senior Lillian Wisner was named Grand Champion in the sixteen-year-old speech division at Kentucky 4-H's State Communications Day. The competition was held at the University of Kentucky on July 13.

Lillian competed in both the local and area Communications Day competitions before reaching the state level. There were 120 competitors at the McCracken County Communications Day event.
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2019-20 Calendar

Paducah Public School Calendar for 2019-20

Click "Read More" to view or download a copy of the 2019-20 school calendar. More +
Digital Literacy Boot Camp Flyer

PTHS Digital Literacy Boot Camp July 29-31

PTHS will offer a digital literacy boot camp July 29-31, 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. in Room 224.
Students will attend 2 days, where teachers will cover the following in an abbreviated version:
General computer knowledge—hardware, software, etc.
Internet use and safety
Microsoft Office 2016—Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Document formatting—personal business letters, memos, reports, spreadsheets, slide presentations, etc.
Career Unit—resume, cover letter, job applications, etc.
Employability skills

On the third day, students will take the test to earn credit for the Digital Literacy course.
July 29-31, 2019, 8:30-11:00 a.m.
Paducah Tilghman High School
Room 224

Students can enroll in DL Boot Camp at:
Click "Read More" to view or download the flyer. 
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PTHS Senior Photos July 31, August 1-2

Senior pictures will be July 31st, August 1st, and August 2nd in the Blue Room. Please sign up for an appointment at . Lifetouch will provide tuxes and drapes for the pictures. More +

Paducah Public Schools Registration Dates for 2019-20

To view or download the registration dates for the 2019-20 school year, click "Read More". More +
Paducah Barge generic

Paducah Barge receives $700K Maritime grant

Editor's note: Congratulations to Innovation Hub/PATC business partner Paducah Barge. Paducah Barge was the recipient of a $700,750 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD). The Small Shipyard grant program supports employee training and related improvements.
by David Zoeller
The Paducah Sun
June 20, 2019
Used with permission.
Word that Paducah Barge was the recipient of a $700,570 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) helped get owners Mike and Laura Taylor's vacation off to a great start.

"We got the good news as we were headed out," Mike Taylor said Wednesday, from Florida. "It makes for an even better vacation."

Paducah Barge is one of 28 recipients of a U.S. marine industry-related grant announced Monday as part of the overall $19.6 million Small Shipyard Grant program. The funding supports employee training and related improvements.

"These grants help create jobs in America's small shipyards, which play a significant role in our country's maritime sector," U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said in Monday's announcement.

According to MARAD, small shipyards play a critical role in contributing to the nation's economy. Supporting more than 400,000 jobs, they create employment opportunities for working families and small communities.

Paducah Barge plans to use the grant funds to build a new dry dock to replace its current, aging one, and expand its welding internship program with area high schools through the Paducah Area Technology Center.

"We've got a partnership with them where we buy steel and rods and machines for those folks (students) to train on during the school year, and at the end of the school year we hire some juniors that are going to be coming back for their senior year in the welding program," Taylor said.

"We hire them for a summer internship out of the yard and we do hands-on training. They help us and we help them with a paycheck and experience," he said. 
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Campus Parent

Reminder: Campus Portal will be removed on 06.30.19 and replaced with Campus Student and Campus Parent

What does this mean for Campus Portal (web)?
Campus Portal will be replaced with Campus Student and Campus Parent. The URL to your Portal login page will not change; the login page will feature two buttons linking to Campus Student and Campus Parent. There is no action required, but you will see a different interface when you log in. Tool layouts will change but the functionality will remain the same.
What does this mean for the Campus App?
Campus Student and Campus Parent will replace our old app, Campus Mobile Portal. Campus Mobile Portal will be removed from the app store June 30, 2019. All app users will need to download Campus Student or Campus Parent. 
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Valesha Watson state track

Val's Day: Tilghman star wins Triple Crown, sets school best with 4th 100-meter title

Al Willman
The Paducah Sun
June 1, 2019
Used with permission.
LEXINGTON – Friday was Val’s day.

Valesha Watson, Paducah Tilghman’s star sprinter, took command of the track at the University of Kentucky in the Class 2A state track meet, winning her second-career triple crown – 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter dashes.

Watson’s win in the 100 cemented her place atop the Lady Tornado history books, becoming the only women’s sprinter in school history to win four state championships in the event.

It was the second triple crown, she said, that was the toughest to accomplish. 
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PTHS Commencement 2019

Graduating Paducah seniors receive $31.16 million in scholarship offers

by David Snow
The Paducah Sun
May 31, 2019
Used with permission.
Seniors in Paducah's three most-attended high schools - McCracken County, Paducah Tilghman and St. Mary - received $31.16 million in scholarship offers this year, an indicator of the academic and athletic skills shown by local students.

McCracken County seniors pulled in $17.1 million in scholarship offers to 390 students, for an average of $43,846 per student.

"Many of the scholarships that students received were merit-based and earned off of their grade-point average and ACT scores," said Megan Bolin, McCracken college and career counselor. "Other students were offered scholarships from programs they participated in during the summer, like the Governor's Scholars Program, Governor's School for the Arts or the Commonwealth Honors Academy.

"Businesses in the local community reach out to us and send us the applications, and we post them on the school website. A lot of local scholarships require letters of recommendation from teachers as well."

Paducah Tilghman seniors garnered $11.5 million in scholarship offers - a school record -offered to 92 students for an average of $125,000 per student.
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Jason Nickal

Nickal Named Paducah Tilghman High School Athletic Director

Jason Nickal has been named Assistant Principal and Athletics Director at Paducah Tilghman High School.

Nickal has 24 years of experience as an educator and coach. As a wrestling coach Nickal led teams to ten state championships and over 55 individual titles. He received eleven “Coach of the Year” awards, including National Wrestling Coaches Association State Coach of the Year two times. He was inducted into the Rio Rancho (New Mexico) High School Coaches Hall of Fame in 2018.

Nickal has served as director and coach for multiple USA National Teams and has also traveled overseas to international tournaments. He has attended the USA Wrestling Coaches College and is a copper and bronze certified coach.

Nickal received his B.S. in Natural Sciences from Chadron State College and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Walden University. Prior to coming to McCracken County High School, Nickal was an Aquatic Science instructor at Allen High School in Allen Texas from 2010 – 16, where he developed the Aquatic Science curriculum and Common Formative Assessments and was part of a team whose purpose was to ensure Texas state standards were being met in science content areas.

Since 2016 Nickal has served as a faculty member, head varsity wrestling coach, and middle school head football coach for McCracken County High School and McCracken County Schools.

“Mr. Nickal brings many years of experience from a variety of sporting backgrounds to the table when it comes to managing our athletic programs and extracurricular activities, said Paducah Tilghman principal Allison Stieg.  “I look forward to him becoming part of our administrative team as we carry on the tradition of excellence that Tilghman is known for.”
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Seth Livingston

Livingston Named Paducah Tilghman High School Wrestling Coach

Seth Livingston has joined the faculty of Paducah Tilghman High School. Coach Livingston will serve as a special education teacher and head coach for Tilghman Wrestling.

Livingston began his coaching career at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, Illinois, where he was assistant wrestling coach.  He then moved to at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas where he was an assistant wrestling coach for four years. During his tenure, Churchill had two top ten finishes and Livingston was named state assistant coach of the year in 2015. In addition to high school coaching, Livingston also served as coach for the Texas National Team and was Central Texas Freestyle/Greco Roman wrestling director. Most recently Livingston has served as an assistant wrestling coach at McCracken County High School for the past three years.

“I am very excited to have Coach Livingston join our teaching and coaching staff,” said Paducah Tilghman principal Allison Stieg. “His reputation of building and maintaining strong wrestling programs precedes him.  He will be a great fit among our faculty and I look forward to him raising the bar not only when it comes to wrestling, but also when it comes to serving our students in the classroom.” 

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PATC Pinning Cermony

Health Occupations Students Receive Certifications in Pinning Ceremony

PATC faculty members Mary Meinschein and Stephanie Morehead hosted a pinning ceremony for area students who received certifications
for CCMA (certified clinical medical assistant). Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT, Certified EKG Technician (CET), or SRNA (state registered nurse aide).  Some received multiple certifications. 
Pictured students included:

Imani Phillips: CET

Victoria Sherron: CPT

Nayeli Rodriguez: CPT

Dasia Spann: CCMA, SRNA

Isabella Anderson: CCM, CPT, CET

Kyrese Kelly: SRNA

Students who received certifications who were not pictured included Bethani Stokes, Malachi Kirby, Brooklyn Ross, Bailey Gottman, Sakura Smith, Jackson Brannon, Heather Barrows, Anna Reed, Destiny Freeman, Alythia Twig, Erica Hutcherson, Jada Birchfield, and Emilee Jones. 


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Triple Threat Athletes

KHSAA Honors Triple Threat Athletes

Paducah Tilghman High School student-athletes  Nautica Beasley, Sarah Hobbs, and Mary-Kate Via received the Triple Threat Award from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for the 2018-19 school year.

Created by the Commissioner’s office in May of 2018 as a way to continue the national emphasis and the KHSAA’s own efforts to de-emphasize sports specialization in the athletic culture, the Triple Threat Award recognizes those students who participate in high school athletics (sport or sport-activity) at the varsity level year round (fall/winter/spring).  Beasley, Hobbs, and Via participated in soccer, cheerleading, and track.

“In these days where some people erroneously believe that a student needs to participate in only one activity year round to succeed, the Triple Threat Award allows us to counter that myth with nearly 1,900 great examples of kids that represent their school all year long as multi-sport student-athletes,” added Tackett. “Every study published continues to prove that much more damage is done by sport specialization than benefit is gained, and we will continue to emphasize that point.”
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PTHS Track Seniors 2019

Tilghman sweeps 2A track meet; Lady Tornado's Watson on the verge of history

Before Paducah Tilghman senior Valesha Watson starts at Murray State in the fall, she has a chance to make history at the KHSAA Class 2A state track meet next week at the University of Kentucky.

With a win in the 100-meter dash, Watson will be the first high-schooler – boy or girl – to win the race five times at the state level.

“I’m definitely looking to PR,” she said following Monday’s Class 2A regional meet, which the Lady Tornado won with 202.5 points. “But, if I don’t PR, I’ll still be happy with the fact that I won the 100 (for the fifth time).”

Watson’s contributions, said Tilghman coach Randy Wyatt, have been vital the last five seasons.
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Parker Rowton Photo credit: Edward Marlowe, Paducah Sun

Rowton Claims Boys Singles Title, Boys Tennis Wins Region

PTHS freshman Parker Rowland claimed a regional singles title and led the boys tennis team to their second consecutive regional title. Rowton finished an unbeaten streak in the regional tournament with a win over #3 seed Jaron Hale (Graves County). He finished the tournament by going 6-0 in eight consecutive sets. More +
Grace Raber Teen of the Year

Raber Named Paducah Bank/Paducah Sun Teen of the Year

Eight Paducah Tilghman seniors were recognized for receiving the honor of Paducah Bank Teen of the Week for the 2018-19 school year, and Grace Raber was honored as the Paducah Bank Teen of the Year at a reception for students and their parents hosted by Paducah Bank and the Paducah Sun at the Carson Center on May 13.
32 students from area high schools were chosen from 76 nominations as teens of the week in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements and exemplary character. From Paducah Tilghaman Nautica Beasley, Chloe Bilak, Lance Butler, Colbe Crim, Grace Denton, Grace Raber, Addie Rogers, and Kate Rogers were selected for the honor.
Grace Raber was named Teen of the Year and received a $5,000 scholarship. Raber has a 4.0 GPA, is an AP Scholar with Distinction and has an ACT composite of 33. She is a Kentucky Governor's Scholar and a state representative for the Commissioner's State Student Council. She has received a Questbridge College Match scholarship to attend Princeton University.
Raber, a first generation college student, plans to study psychology with a focus on helping foster children. 
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Kris Durfee

Durfee Named Assistant Principal and Athletics Director at Paducah Middle School

Paducah Tilghman High School athletic director and assistant principal Kris Durfee will be moving to Paducah Middle School to serve as assistant principal and its first full time athletic director. Durfee will begin his work at Paducah Middle July 1.

Superintendent Donald Shively said the goal of moving Durfee from PTHS to PMS is to use his experience at Paducah Tilghman to build a similar leadership structure and approach to athletics and extracurriculars that has been implemented with good results at Paducah Tilghman.

“As we assess our district and look for ways to improve both our academic and extracurricular opportunities for students, we recognized the need for strategic alignment between the middle school and the high school in arts, athletics, and academics. We want every facet of teaching and learning at the middle school to align with Tilghman so our students will have a seamless transition,” Shively said.

“At Tilghman we have an assistant principal who is focused on academics, an assistant principal focused on behavior and discipline, and an assistant principal focused on extracurricular activities and athletics.  This model has been extremely successful at Tilghman, so we want to implement the same model at the middle school. Mr. Durfee will be focused on improving our athletic and extracurricular offerings at the middle school. Additionally, Mr. Durfee will work to align our little league sports programs with middle school athletics so we have solid transitions in our sports programs from elementary to middle to high school.” 

Shively said that while a new position is being added at the middle school, personnel costs will remain the same due to savings in other areas.
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PT Page Turners David Snow credit

PT Page Turners hear local author, learn CAD

by David Snow
The Paducah Sun
May 3, 2019
Used with permission.
Students in PT Page Turners, Paducah Tilghman High School's book club, spoke with a local author about social media's impact on interpersonal relationships and learned how to make a keychain fob using computer-aided design Thursday when the group took a field trip to Sprocket.

Sprocket is a makerspace at the Coke plant where people can create and develop innovative programs for education, entrepreneurship and community learning. It opened in April 2018 as a pilot project of the Innovation Hub, a 21st century vocational center that is planned to open at PTHS in fall 2020.

At the Coke plant, 32 book club members spoke with Sarah Stewart Holland, author of "I Think You're Wrong But I'm Listening: A Guide to Graceful Political Conversation." Her discussion was about the effects of social media on how people communicate, particularly concerning items in the news.

"It was fantastic; it was a great group," Holland said. "They were really thinking, they were really considering the impact of social media on their lives and how they can be better stewards of their relationships." 
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