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32 Tilghman Students Receive Advanced Placement Honors for 2016-17
Thirty-two students at Paducah Tilghman High School have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on Advanced Placement Exams for the 2016-17 school year.

The AP Program recognizes high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college-level achievement through AP courses and exams with the AP Scholar Awards. The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students' performance on AP exams.

New counselor will assist underperforming students
by Jason Morrow
The Paducah Sun
September 10, 2017
Used with permission.

Since 2015, the motto for Paducah Public Schools is to know every child by name and need. Corbin Snardon aims to put that motto into action.

The district recently hired Snardon as the Title One counselor, a federally funded position new to the district which will help students who might "fall through the cracks."

"Those are your kids that you might see in the free and reduced lunch population and high-poverty situations where they perform just enough to get by but not really at their full potential," Snardon said. "My goal is to identify those kids as early as possible, and see that they are succeeding in their classes and performing at grade-level."
Paducah Public Schools Announces STOP! Tipline
Safety is our first priority. In an effort to use every available resource to STOP bullying and other risky behaviors in our schools, Paducah Public Schools announces the implementation of the “Safety Tipline Online Prevention” or STOP! Tipline. The STOP! Tipline is designed for use as an "online" reporting/prevention tool which is provided free by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe situation in school (bullying, weapons, drugs or alcohol, etc.), they can anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using this basic email format.
Katz and dos Remedios Named September Rotary Scholars of the Month
Paducah Tilghman seniors Sarah Katz and Jose Ricardo dos Remedios have been named PTHS Rotary Scholars of the month for September, 2017. The Rotary Club selects scholars from area seniors who demonstrate strong leadership, academic excellence, and service to community.

Paducah schools cut tax rate
by Jason Morrow
The Paducah Sun, August 30, 2017
Used with permission.

The Paducah School Board had a busy evening Tuesday, highlighted by its decision to reduce the general fund tax rate from last year's 79.9 cents to 79.7 cents.

The new tax rate is expected to produce revenue of $9.6 million.

"We're excited that for the second year in a row we can recommend a decrease in our local taxes," said Paducah Superintendent Donald Shively. "As we've done that, we've tried to be great stewards of our taxpayers' dollars and at the same time be efficient."
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STOP! Tipline
The STOP! Tipline is designed for use as an "online" reporting/prevention tool. If you know of an unsafe situation in one of our schools  (bullying, weapons, drugs or alcohol, etc.), you can anonymously pass that information on to school personnel in a basic email format. Click here to access the tipline.
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