McCracken Co. and Paducah Tilghman High Schools team up to collect sports gear

 “We know that there are kids who need extra gear, whether it be for practice or games and we felt like this was a program that could benefit anyone who aspires to play a sport,” said Jackson Sivills, sophomore at MCHS. “We named it ‘Game Ready’ because if you play sports you know there is nothing like the feeling of being ready to play mentally, and physical and that includes the gear you have on.”

“I think the Game Ready program is a great way for Jackson and I to involve others while helping students who want to play sports, said Walker McNeill, sophomore at Paducah Tilghman High School. “I am eager to bring the program to Paducah Tilghman this year.”

“We are excited to collaborate with McCracken County by collecting all types of athletic equipment to better serve our student body and athletes,” stated Kris Durfee, athletic director, Paducah Tilghman.

The program is designed to support all sports so items like; tennis rackets, golf clubs, soccer shin guards and cleats, new (or gently used) basketball shoes, etc. All items are accepted and if the schools cannot use them, they will be donated. 

“We serve a large population of student athletes and just having some extra gear available for students in need is a very nice resource for any athletic department,” said Kris Garrett, athletic director, MCHS.

“The ultimate goal of this program is that each school in our region embrace the concept and develop it into something that fits their need,” said Jackson Sivills. “When Walker wanted to lead the efforts at Paducah Tilghman we were really pumped.”

For more information please contact each school individually (Paducah Tilghman, 270.444.5650, ext. 2320 and McCracken Co. High School, 270.538.4300). Donations will be accepted at other times and can be coordinated by calling each high school. 

Game Ready was founded by brothers Will and Jackson Sivills in 2013 under the notion that athletic gear costs families between $500 to $700 per child, per sport and some students may choose not to play if the purchase of extra practice/game gear is too costly.

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