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A moment for Grace

Grace, a foster child, described the scholarship to The Sun as a "dream," one that hasn't fully set in yet as reality. She said she'd never expected to leave Kentucky for her higher education, let alone attend such a prestigious university as Princeton.

But hard work -- Grace is ranked first in her class, a member of the National Honor Society and is active in extracurriculars -- has its rewards, and the world often thrives at finding talent, even in seemingly remote places like western Kentucky.

According to Wednesday's story, Grace benefited from wise, prophetic words from college and scholarship counselor Sid Hancock.

"She said, 'There is a world out there for you to look at, so many opportunities for you,'" Grace recalled. This is exactly the kind of big picture dialogue we want educators to have with students, helping them see beyond self-imposed limitations.

Grace's story is, quite simply, the kind that inspires, that reminds us America is still the land of opportunity, that perseverance has a way of smoothing out imperfect roads.

She's a young woman who was dealt setbacks, through no fault of her own, early on. She didn't come from money, didn't have the advantages many others, be they children or adults, often take for granted.

And yet, powered by her own determination and supported by those around her, she's flourishing. Call it anti-entitlement, a roadmap leading from the commonwealth to Eastern upper crust. That's not just commendable -- that's phenomenal, an example for anyone dealing with adversity.

Join us in congratulating Grace on the rest of her senior year, and wishing her all the best on her next chapter at Princeton.

You've earned this opportunity, Grace, and and we're quite certain many more successes are coming your way.

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