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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Tilghman junior serving on state student council

The council met on Oct. 26 and will have its final scheduled meeting on Wednesday at the Department of Education in Frankfort.

"I want to be able to get my voice out there and talk to people who actually care about my opinions," she said. "By expressing my concerns about education, it will help change it later on for other students."

Raber said that, as a foster child herself, she sees a lot of other foster children go from home to home and don't get the education that they need.

"That's one of my main concerns, is making sure that they pay more attention to kids like that - kids who get lost in the system and end up not getting the education that can help them later in life," she said.

"I focus a lot on making sure that we're showing the students how important their education is, because I think that's the only thing that helps us move on in the future and become better people."

Raber said it's more than just getting a basic education, that there are more educational opportunities for foster children.

"It's crazy because with the Kentucky foster care system, you get free college, but a lot of kids just don't take advantage of that," she said. "I guess they just don't think that they can do it, and that's why I think it's important for a lot of educators now to be stopping kids and tell them, 'This is important. This will get you further.'"

Another issue that Raber would like to address is emotional support for students. She said that one of the other council members started a stamina group at her school that focuses on emotional need-based programs in schools that help students with mental health issues and helps them cope with the anxiety that comes with being a high school student.

Raber said she plans on taking part in the student Advisory Council next year as well.

Other Student Advisory Council members from western Kentucky include junior Carson Sims of Graves County High School, senior Amrit Avula of Bowling Green High School and senior Elijah Cooper of Daviess County High School.

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