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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Paducah Public Schools Show Improvement in Scores on 1014-15 Kentucky School Report Card

Paducah Middle School was classified as a Needs Improvement* school, but showed an improvement in its overall score and met the state AMO. Paducah Middle’s score for 2014-15 was 57, an improvement of 2 points over its 2013-14 score of 55.
Clark Elementary was classified as a Proficient/Progressing school, and only missed being classified as a distinguished school by two points. Clark’s overall score was 72.4, and improvement of 1.9 points over the 2013-14 score of 70.5, which met the state AMO.
McNabb Elementary was classified as Needs Improvement/Progressing. McNabb’s overall score of 59.0 was an improvement of 1.7 points over its 2013-14 score of 57.3, which met the state AMO.
Morgan Elementary was classified as a Needs Improvement school. Morgan’s 2014-15 score of 60.4 was 3.2 points lower than its 2013-14 score of 63.6.
Shively said he was encouraged by the results because the vision of the district is to know every child by name and need, and there numerous examples in the data that showed that the vision was being implemented on an increasing basis across the district.
"We appreciate the hard work from our faculty and staff in each building, because they are focused on each and every child and helping them become productive members of society. That's the ultimate goal, so we can build a greater Paducah, a better community, and a better tomorrow."

• Distinguished school/district scores from the 90th to 99th percentile in the state.
• Proficient school/district scores from the 70th to 89th percentile in the state.
• Needs Improvement school/district scores below the 70th percentile in the state.
• Progressing School/District has met its AMO, student participation rate for the all students group and each subgroup, and has met its graduation rate goal.

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