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Paducah Tilghman teen knows value of patience, determination

Holtgrewe's intellectual curiosity has been a driving force behind his accomplishments.

He loves academic team, he said, because it allows him to constantly put what he's learned in the classroom to use

It's what helped him think up the idea for a scanner to help people with neuropathy -- the loss of sensation in the extremities -- by checking the bottoms of their feet for changes, catching issues early and possibly preventing limb loss. The idea earned him first place at the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs and National Finalist status in the 3M Discovery Young Scientist Challenge.

His parents' encouragement also drives him to get involved in his community.

"My parents like to make sure they know what's going on, and they've instilled that in me too, to always make sure I'm taking part and doing my part in my community," he said.

For years Holtgrewe's tagged along with his parents to Paducah City Commission meetings and community events. Holtgrewe is the Tilghman student behind the school's mayoral candidate forum next month, continuing a Tilghman tradition.

Though Holtgrewe stays busy, he finds relief and balance in running.

His father and one of his brothers got Holtgrewe into running when he was young. It's been part of his life since.

Looking to the future, he hopes to join his loves of academics, science and running in a career engineering and designing athletic equipment, like running shoes. His sights are set on studying mechanical engineering and business at the University of Louisville next fall.

Whatever lies ahead for Holtgrewe, he'll approach it much like he does running, setting goals and working toward them with determination and patience.

"It's hard to explain, but that's why I love running so much," he said. "It makes it really easy to set goals, watch yourself approach them, and meet them. It's gratifying.

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