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Paducah Tilghman makes lunch room renovations

Paducah Tilghman has made exciting new changes in the “Blue Room” and cafeteria. Over winter break, Jim Garrett from Supply Solutions remodeled both of the lunchrooms to give them a more inviting feel. The “Blue Room” was added onto the building in the 1950’s and was more recently updated in 2011 when the walls were painted white.

The first of the renovations is the renaming of the “Blue Room” to “The Blue Bistro” and the addition of math, science, and arts wall decals. The booths have also been removed, and high-top tables have been put in their place. Two lunch lines have also been created in the remodeled “Blue Bistro,” making it quicker and more efficient for students to get their lunch. The cafeteria has also added high-top tables in place of the booths, and a flat screen TV has been placed in the center of the room to display the announcements. There are also new artistic decals depicting all of Paducah Tilghman’s athletic activities along the walls of the cafeteria.

Many great improvements have already been made, but more are still on the way. The “Blue Bistro” will soon have an 80” flat screen TV and new monitors to tell the daily lunch menu. By next fall, the cafeteria will be completely remodeled to have four lunch lines rather than two with brand new appliances. The funding for this project came from a grant provided by the Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act. With this money, the school hopes to provide a modernized, 21st century looking lunchroom to create an environment that will facilitate better education.

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