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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Yeiser Teen Spirit Exhibition Features 37 Works by PT Art Students

A Wing And A Prayer Tyia Davis

Beautiful Relfections Sarah Miller

Bird With Chinese Vase James Pierceall

Bird's Eye Bull Laymon Lowery

Candle Holder Randall Brown

Clamp Dalvin Harris

Clinique Thomas Purefoy

Clothespin Zack Storey

Coil Pot Black and Green Eric Rodriguez

Coil Pot with Drips Jesus Espinoza

Fruit Still Life Thomas Purefoy

Garden of Eden Ion Kight

Ghost Bottle Ion Kight

Golden Horizon Tyia Davis

Linear Pushpins Dalvin Harris

Lone Bottle Dalvin Harris

Paducah Floodwall Artemio Romero

Pear in a Jar Sarah Miller

Pink and Yellow Coil Pot Tyia Davis

Pluto Hugh Mattingly

Pushpin Artemio Romero

Shoe Artemio Romero

Soft Still Life Samatha Riffe

Strange Navigation Zack Storey

The Fighter Adrian Cutrer

The Tilt of Her Head Hannah Hunt

Two Jars Artemio Romero

Typewriter Morgan Partain

Four Bottles DuJuan Thomas

Christmas Flowers Alexandra Martin

Fall Chantell Driver

Purple Leaves Zarria Woolridg

River Pebbles Austin Baugus

Sailboat Sarah Miller

Stratus Milan Doan

Striped Box Ion Kight

Tack with Shadow Ion Kight

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