Driver Signs Softball Scholarship with Shawnee Community College
Driver said she hopes to play catcher at Shawnee Community College.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to continue to play,” Driver said. “To be back on the field, to meet new people and have a chance to share my talent means everything to me.”

“Chantell has a strong arm and an excellent bat,” said PTHS head softball coach Carl Johnson. “I am expecting bigger and better things from her this upcoming season. She is the first softball player from Paducah Tilghman to receive a college scholarship and my first signee as a head coach, so I’m very proud.”

If feel like we’re getting a great athlete in Chantell,” said Shawnee head coach Lana Richmond. “She not only plays outfield, but also is a good catcher. To have someone multi-dimensional, especially at the juco level, is very important. She’s also a good student, so if she does well I’m confident that we can elevate her to the next level.”
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