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Superintendent's Blog: Above and Beyond

“We started researching what different options were for ‘flipped classrooms’,” Shelley said, “and I knew that I wanted to be able to teach while I wasn’t there. I was able to find that on a Microsoft Surface, you can write and record on PowerPoint. I recorded myself teaching just like I would be in the classroom and saved the video. I uploaded the video to YouTube so students could access it both in the classroom and at home.”

 But the preparation didn’t stop there. Then Shelley put together note packets to go with the videos.  Mr. Owens, Shelley’s substitute, would give the students’ work to her so she could take it home and grade it. Then she gave the work back to Mr. Owens to return to her students.

How did it work out?   Here's what one her students, Max Overlin, said:

“We’re not behind at all,” he said. “You would think that we would be, because Mrs. McGregor wasn’t there the first nine weeks, but since she had put all the lessons together over the summer, it was almost like she was there with us.”

As a former chemistry teacher, I know the difficulty that a teacher faces in helping their students master the material and stay on pace when they must take an extended absence. While Shelley would have fulfilled her duties with less time and effort, she went above and beyond what was expected because she was devoted to the mission. 

Our mission of equipping each and every child for life after high school requires dedication and sacrifice, not only from our teachers and staff, but also from our parents and the citizens of this city and county.  I’m grateful to Shelley for the extraordinary dedication she has shown. Let’s follow her lead in pursuing an extraordinary mission with extraordinary dedication.

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