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Paducah Public Schools News Article

School board re-elects leaders

"I just want to pause and say thank you for what you do for the students of this district," Shively said. "For the time and the effort that they put into the students, and the guidance they give us as educators, all the training and out-of-town events and district events they attend, doing all that without taking a dime. And sometimes it's a thankless job, I know. But it really helps us reach each and every child in our district."

Monday night the board also approved an amendment to the district's supplemental education services policy that will allow a principal to require students to attend after-school tutoring if they're at risk of being retained, failing, falling behind or are otherwise at risk academically. Paducah Middle School's current eighth-grade class will be the first to pilot the new extended school program.

"I'm enthusiastic about this amendment," said Stacey Overlin, Paducah Middle principal. "Just like (Tilghman Principal Art) Davis wants 100 percent of his graduates to be college-ready, I want all of my students that pass on to the ninth-grade to be Tilghman-ready. Tilghman's a rigorous school, and we need them to be ready."

Overlin explained to board members that if a student is failing a class, more often than not a review of that student's grades will reveal multiple zeros for missed assignments. This amendment will allow the school to require such a student to complete missed work for partial credit through extended school services rather than punishing the student with zeros, which can bring down grades.

Struggling students who need additional instruction in one or more subject areas can also get the help they need through this program, Overlin said.

"One of the things that you deal with, with adolescents is apathy," Overlin said. "A teacher might assign them homework or give them an in-class assignment, and sometimes it's easy for the student to be let off the hook and just take a zero. But we believe in our kids, and we know if they'll just do the work, they can pass the class. This is going to help them understand the importance of getting the work done."

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