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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Students take reins at school board meeting

Monday night’s meeting was the culmination
of the hands-on civics lesson with
all 10 students playing a part in moving
the meeting forward, from following parliamentary
procedure and making motions
to asking questions about agenda

This year’s future board members
included Daniels and Alex Dunbar of
Paducah Tilghman, Katie Peck and Bryce
Johnson of Paducah Middle, Mahali
Brown and Esley Cornelius of McNabb
Elementary, Destiny Thomas and Elijah
Haywood of Morgan Elementary, and
Ally Hutchins and Abigail Wurth of Clark

Under the students’ leadership the
meeting went smoothly, from the Pledge
of Allegiance through the special recognition
of two Choices/Paducah Tilghman
graduates — Chrishell Burns and Amber
Radovick — to the meeting’s adjournment.
Though it was clear the students took
their roles seriously, they got everyone
laughing a little too.

Near the meeting’s end, Haywood
asked half-jokingly, half-seriously, “Can
you do anything about these gray walls?”
“I think we would need a motion from
you for the district to entertain a proposal
to paint the walls,” LeBuhn said
through a chuckle.

Ultimately no motion was made and
the board offi ce walls will in all likelihood
remain gray, but the hope is that
what the young board members learned
Monday will last for years to come.

“They heard from the superintendent,
they heard from a variety of other people
in the district as well, and I think they
learned an awful lot about their school
system and the school board and how
we operate the district,” LeBuhn said.
“They were very attentive, very enthused,
and I think you can tell by the way they
handled themselves and handled tonight’s
meeting, they’ve done a wonderful

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