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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Board of Education Hosts Bobby L. Jones Junior Board Members, Hears Proposed Change to Grading Scale

Assistant Superintendent Will Black presented an update AP passage rates for PTHS students in the 2013-14 school year. The district had received information on the global AP passage rate. Tilghman's 56.3% passage rate, which shows the percentage of exams with a score of 3-5, fell just below the global passage rate of 57%, but exceeded the state passage rate of 48.3.

Superintendent Donald Shively presented a revised grading scale to the board for a first reading. The board will hear a second reading of the proposed change at it's next meeting in April, and will vote on the proposed change.

Under current policy, 94-100 is an A, 83-93 a B, 70-82 a C, 52-69 a D, and 61 and below is a failing grade.

The revised grading scale put before the board is:

            Scales                        Weights for PTHS GPAs          AP  Weights for PTHS GPAs

A+       98-100                         4.0                                                       5.0

A         94-97                           4.0                                                       5.0

A-        90-93                           3.67                                                     4.67

B+       87-89                           3.33                                                     4.33

B         83-86                           3.0                                                       4.0

B-        80-82                           2.67                                                     3.67

C+       77-79                           2.33                                                     3.33

C         73-76                           2.0                                                       3.0

C-        70-72                          1.67                                                     2.67

D+       67-69                           1.33                                                     2.33

D         65-66                           1.0                                                       2.0

F          64 and below              0.0                                                       0.0

You can learn more about Superintendent Shively's rationale for the proposed change in his blog post here.

You can see the slides the Mr. Shively used in his presentation here.

The Board of Education approved an amendment to the calendar that will move the last day of school to Friday, May 29, to make up snow days.

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