2020-2021 Calendars

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2020-2021 Calendars

2020-21 Calendar Highlights

In his remarks to the Paducah Board of Education about the 2020-21 School Calendar, Dr. Shively emphasized the following highlights:
  • July 27, 2020 will be the first day for flex professional development
  • August 10 will be opening day for faculty and staff
  • August 24 will be the first day for students
  • The calendar follows a format of six weeks of instruction, followed by a break.
  • NTI (at-home learning) is scheduled in the calendar for all students. The NTI days are scheduled around the breaks. This allows for student review and allows longer breaks, which will allow extra time for deep cleaning of our facilities. The longer breaks are also designed to faciliate the emotional wellbeing of our teachers and students by providing regular breaks for rest and relaxation.
  • There is a reduction in instructional days from 170 to 160, but an increase in the school day of approximately 25 minutes. This will allow the district to incorporate a physical break from school for every six weeks of instruction.  The delayed opening on August 24 will give our staff more time to prepare and adjust in order to provide varied instruction in a safe environment.     
  • Fall, Christmas, and Spring Breaks will be the same as the previously Board-approved calendar for 2020-21.

If you have questions about the calendar, please send them via e-mail to [email protected] 

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Paducah Public Schools 2020-2021 School Calendar (Graphic)

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2020-2021 School Calendar (Text)

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