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Food Services

Food Services

We at Food Services are dedicated to serving our students meals that are delicious, nutritious, and budget-conscious. Our cafeterias serve 1,250 hot breakfasts and 2,500 hot lunches daily. About 75% of our students meet federal income guidelines for free meals..

Contact: Lynsi Barnhill, Food Services Director Phone:270-444-5600


May 2021 Breakfast and Lunch Menus

To see the lunch and breakfast menus for May 2021, please click "More".
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Third Round of P-EBT Begins March 15

A third round of P-EBT stimulus payments will begin the week of March 15, 2021. The stimulus payments are issued for past months covering October 2020 - Present and will continue through the rest of the school term (May 2021).

The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Stimulus provides a card families can use to buy food to replace free school breakfasts and lunches for students participating in virtual learning for five or more consecutive days. Enrollment is automatic for children eligible to receive free or reduced-price school meals at schools participating in National School Lunch Program and for all students in Community Eligible Program schools.

Click "More" to see the flyer.

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Tornado Takeout Delivery Schedule for February 2021

Here's the Tornado Takeout Delivery Schedule for February 2021. Please click "More" to see delivery locations.
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Tornado Takeout Delivery for January 25-29

This week's Tornado Takeout delivery days will be Monday (1/25), Wednesday (1/27) and Thursday (1/28). Our stops and times have not changed. 
To see our delivery stops and locations, click "more".
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Tornado Takeout

Tornado Takeout Delivery for January 11 - 22

Tornado Takeout Meal Delivery days for the next two weeks will be as follows:

Week 1:

Monday, 1/11: Deliver meals for 2 days (1/11-12)

Wednesday, 1/13: Deliver meals for 1 day

Thursday, 1/14: Deliver meals for 2 days (1/14-15)


Week 2:

Monday, 1/18: MLK Holiday – No meal delivery

Tuesday, 1/19:  Deliver meals for 1 day

Wednesday, 1/20: Deliver meals for 1 day

Thursday, 1/21: Deliver meals for 2 days (1/21-22)


If the hybrid schedule stays in effect, the delivery schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday will continue.

This delivery schedule ensures meal access to any student, regardless of schedule.
Click "More" to see the delivery locations and times.
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Tornado Takeout

Tornado Takeout Delivery on January 4 and January 7

The next Tornado Takeout delivery will be Monday, January 4 (Meals for Monday-Wednesday) and Thursday, January 7 (Meals for Thursday-Sunday). Paducah Public Schools Nutrition Services wishes you a Healthy, Happy Holiday season. We look forward to serving you in 2021! Click "More" to see the list of meal delivery locations.
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