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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ!

You'll find frequently asked questions regarding our #BLUESBEST School Reopening here. This section will be updated as we receive questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, please send it via e-mail to [email protected]

At-Home (Virtual) Instruction FAQ

What will virtual instruction look like and how will it be different from the NTI provided last spring?
Students choosing at-home instruction will not be completing paper packets. 

Every effort will be made to create a virtual learning environment that reflects the in-person learning experience.  Teachers will use a Zoom-like platform called Microsoft Teams.  Teams has built-in meeting features that will allow the teacher to hold classroom meetings, collaborate on virtual whiteboards, and share documents.  It also serves as a hub for recordings of collaborative instruction, pre-recorded instructional segments, access to supplemental programs, assignments, files, notes, and much more. 

Students participating in at-home virtual instruction will be expected to be engaged on the computer each day.  
If I chose virtual instruction for my student, will a computer be provided?

1:1 technology is being provided by the district to all students in 4th-12th grade.

Other available technology is being reassigned for use by students in Kindergarten-3rd grade and will be distributed based on need.   
If I choose virtual (at-home) instruction for my child, will they be able to participate in athletics at school?
Yes. Students who choose at-home instruction can still participate athletics.
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Temperature Checks/Screening FAQ

Will all students and staff be screened for illness each day?
• Yes. Temperature checks will occur at the point of school property entry. 
• Students and staff should stay home or will be sent home if any of the following occur:
o Temperature greater than 100.4
o Cough
o GI (vomiting/diarrhea)
o New rash
o Exposure to a COVID-19 case during a 48 period before onset of symptoms until meeting criteria for discontinuing home isolation

Will visitors to the school be screened for illness?
• Yes. The same information above applies to visitors, as well. 
• Non-essential visitors will be limited on school property. 
• Visitor access will be by appointment only. 
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Masks/Facecovering FAQ

Are students, staff, and visitors required to wear masks when entering school buildings?
• Students who are enrolled in first grade and above and all adults are required to wear a cloth face covering, unless medically waivered.

Will students and staff have to wear face coverings all day?
• Masks can be lowered during classroom time if all students and staff are seated 6 feet apart and no persons are walking around inside the classroom.
• When students are outside and 6 feet from others, masks are not required.

I have a child with a disability.  Can they be exempted from wearing a mask?
The guidance that we have received is that all students who are enrolled in 1st grade and above should be required to wear a mask, unless medically waivered.
In most cases, students with disabilities should be able to adhere to the requirement for masks; however, there will be some exceptions if it is not safe due to their physical condition or disability. 

A doctor’s note referencing the need for a waiver of the face mask requirement would have to be presented to the school in order for the school to exempt the student from wearing one.  

Will my child be required to wear a face covering when participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities?
• Yes. Masks can be lowered if all students and staff are seated 6 feet apart and no persons are walking around inside the classroom.

Are face coverings required on the school bus?
• Yes. Masks are required for all staff and students on the bus. Students should wear a mask at the bus stop, as well, if they are unable to be 6 feet from others.

Can my child bring his or her own face covering to school?
• Yes. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their own mask to school. Messaging or images on masks should align with the school’s dress code.
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Social Distancing FAQ

What measures will you take to socially distance students while at school?
• We are increasing space between students by rearranging seating to maximize space between students to be 6 feet or greater wherever possible. 
• If the physical space in the school does not allow for spacing students’ desks 6 feet apart, they will be spaced as far apart as possible and masks will be required at all times in that classroom for students and staff. All desks will be faced the same direction.
• We are reducing class sizes to allow for smaller numbers of students. 

What measures will you take to socially distance students in the hallways at school?
• We’ll be implementing an expectation of, “When you move, you mask.” With any type of transition such as walking in the hallways or going to the front of the room to sharpen a pencil, masks will be required. 
• We will also be teaching procedures to our students and providing reminders to avoid unnecessary contact or movement within the personal space of 6 feet. 

What precautions are you taking on the school bus?
• Students will wear a mask while riding the bus.
• The bus will be loaded from back to front and will be offloaded from front to back.
• Passengers from the same household will be seated together.
• Seating will be assigned.
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