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Cinderella takes the stage at Tilghman November 15-16

Cinderella takes the stage at Tilghman November 15-16

The challenging role of Cinderella will be played by Elizabeth Katz. Bradley Duncan will be taking on the role of Prince Charming. The miserable step-sisters will be played by Millie Wyant and Michael Ellen Walden; the role of the evil step-mother will be portrayed by Mckenzie Reese. Prince Charming’s best friend, Lionel, will be played by Micheal Hassel. Nathan Hawkins and Anna Chambers will be Prince Charming’s parents, playing King Maximillian and Queen Constantina, respectively. With this extremely talented cast, Cinderella will not disappoint.

Cinderella also has a chorus of about 24 members; they will be cast as various animals and other characters. Kelsea White will be choreographing, as she did last year in Oklahoma. Devonda Treece, Tilghman Choir’s pianist, will lead the orchestra. Matt Hinz will be musical and executive director, with Al Knudsen as dramatic director. Rachel Benzing is the stage assistant, while Zack Story is the student director and stage manager.

Mr. Hinz is thrilled to be tackling this musical. He is excited about the strong cast and chorus, full orchestra, and his good friend Al Knudsen making his directing debut here at Tilghman. He’s also looking forward to watching the returning cast members from Oklahoma put on another good show, (many of Cinderella’s lead roles have been filled by Oklahoma’s lead cast members, Elizabeth Katz, Maggie Malone, and Millie Wyant.)

“I’m really excited to work with this amazing cast and Mr. Knudsen and Mr. Hinz. I’m honored to be playing Cinderella! The show will be fantastic, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it,” says Elizabeth Katz.

Tilghman’s Cinderella is a great show for the whole family and the music is phenomenal. Cinderella will truly be a ball!

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