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Paducah Public Schools a Proficient District, PTHS and Clark Distinguished on KDE School Report Card

Paducah Tilghman High School was classified as a “Distinguished” school for 2015-16. Tilghman’s overall score for 15-16 was 77.1, which met the state AMO and exceeded the 2014-15 score of 69.4 by 7.7 points. Assistant Superintendent Will Black said he was pleased to see a healthy jump in the percentage of students at Tilghman who are college and/or career ready.

“79% of our students at Tilghman were either college or career ready, and 70% of our students were college ready, so we maximized our college/career readiness score this year,” Black said.

Paducah Middle School was classified as a “Needs Improvement/Progressing” school, only missing Proficient status by one point. This year’s score of 64.6 met the state AMO and showed an improvement of 7.6 points over the 2014-15 score of 57.

“We’re pleased to see the great growth at Paducah Middle reflected in these scores,” Shively said. “You can see the growth in these scores being reflected in the school culture at Paducah Middle. Beyond the test scores, we’re seeing a positive trajectory in the parent feedback we receive and increased enrollment. We’re not there yet, but I believe these results validate the leadership at Paducah Middle and direction in which they’re going.”

Clark Elementary was classified as a “Distinguished” school for 2015-16, after barely missing the distinguished classification last year. Clark’s overall score was 73.7, an improvement of 1.3 points over the 2014-15 score of 72.4.

Morgan Elementary was classified as a “Needs Improvement/Progressing” school for 2015-16. Morgan’s overall score was 61.3, an improvement of 3.1 points over the 2014-15 score of 58.2.

McNabb Elementary was classified as a “Needs Improvement” school for 2015-16. McNabb’s overall score was 51.3.

“In the past three years, the leadership at McNabb has consistently improved the school,” said Black. “This year scores were up in some key areas, but were down in some others. The faculty and staff at McNabb are doing a great job at focusing on long-term improvement. We’re confident in the foundation that has been laid at McNabb and are expecting a definite improvement next year.”

“These scores validate the hard work our faculty, staff and students have invested,” said Shively. “But what we are really excited about is the positive trajectory and how the vision is being embraced. Bottom line, the test scores mean more children learned at high level last year. Our goal will be to improve on that this year.”

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