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"Hakuna Matata": No Worries...It's the Lion King!

From January until the performance at the end of March, students will rehearse after school, on Mondays and Thursdays, for 60 to 90 minutes. “We just spent our first rehearsals on the opening song, ‘One By One,’ which only lasts a couple of minutes in the show,” explained music teacher Dale Julian. The song uses languages from Africa, including Xulu, Xhosa, and Swahili. Kids have to make a clicking sound that’s a part of the dialect. They are definitely having fun with the music. Missy Kern, Clark Elementary’ s art teacher, will be helping create the elaborate costuming and sets for the musical.”

Maya Romanak who is cast as Pumbaa, the warthog, is a fifth-grader who is a three-year veteran in Clark musicals. “I like that we get to bring movies to life,” she told me. “When I watch movies, I always think, ‘What would I do if I got to be that character?’ When we have these plays, and I get to be these characters! Not only is it a lot of fun, but it helps me be a better speaker and singer. It will probably help me get a job in the future.”

The first performance will be held on Monday evening, March 28th. It will be a dinner theater and auction. Tickets for the dinner theater range from $15- 20 and go on sale at 7:30pm on February 23rd. Tables seat 10 people, and there are 32 tables. The dinner is a catered, sit down dinner. Students at Clark School will help serve the meal.

During dinner a local auctioneer will auction off art items created by the students under the support and direction of Art Teacher, Miss Kern. After the auction attendees can sit back and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, March 29, will be a second opportunity to see this local production. This presentation will be held in the Godwin Gymnasium at Clark School and is just $5 a ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

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