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Clark Fourth Grader Wins 2nd Annual Lunchroom Kindness Challenge

Fourth grader Emmy Seaton wins for a second time. She moved to Clark Elementary after experiencing bullying at her former school. Last year, Emmy used the money to take her friends shopping and to start a kindness club.

“Emmy told her mom that if she won this year, she wanted to donate half of the money to the arts/theatre program at Clark Elementary,” said Guess Anti-Bullying co-founder Susan Guess. “She said the program helped Emmy feel more confident in her new school.” Emmy has a role in the Lion King performance at the school on Monday, March 28.

“Students need to realize that they are the change-agents in their schools,” said Morgan. “This is a chance for them to set a good example for their peers and create an environment of compassion, empathy and kindness.”

“We are working to make Paducah the kindest community in the nation,” said Susan. “We believe there is no better place to start than that of a school cafeteria. Our hope is the challenge encouraged students to not only look up and around for peers sitting alone, but to also widen their friend circles and to make the cafeteria more inclusive.”

All students in private and public schools in Paducah and McCracken County were eligible to participate.

“Kenn Gray Home is thrilled to partner with such a forward thinking organization as the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation,” said Gray. “Our world becomes a more beautiful place when we design it as such. Just like making our homes a beautiful place to be, it is our JOB as people to make our world a beautiful place to be...and that starts with how we connect with others."

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