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School Supply Lists for 2015-2016 available for download

School Supply Lists for 2015-2016 available for download

You can download the supply list for each grade here.


1- 5”x 8” Plastic School Box
2- Pocket Folders with fasteners (red & blue)
5- 4oz. Elmer’s Glue
1- Small Fiskar Scissors – blunt end
2- Pks of #2 Yellow Pencils
1- Backpack –NO WHEELS
1- Pack Pencil Cap Erasers
2- Boxes of Tissues
4- Boxes Crayola Crayons (24 ct)
1- Plastic Clipboard
1- Pack Dry Erase Markers
Water color paint
1- Container Diaper Wipes
2- Rolls of Paper Towels

*No Pencil Sharpeners, Colored Pencils, or Markers
*Headphones are provided; however, students may provide their own.
*An old shirt for painting is provided, but students may provide their own art smock (if preferred).

OPTIONAL: Slider Sandwich Bags, Gallon Bags, Liquid Hand Soap, Band Aids, Copy Paper, Paper Plates, White Lunch Bags,
Clorox Wipes, White or Colored Card Stock

2- Dry Erase Markers (Black)
1- 5”x8” Plastic School Box
1- Clipboard
2- Boxes of Tissues
1- Pocket Folder
3- Pks of #2 Yellow Pencils and Eraser Caps
Crayons (24 ct)
1- Small Fiskars (Sharp Scissors)
5- Glue Sticks & 1 Small Bottle of Elmer’s Glue
Baby Wipes (Boys Only) / Band Aids (Girls Only)
1- Roll of Paper Towels

*No Sharpeners, Trapper Keepers, or Colored Pencils/Markers
*Headphones are provided; however, students may provide their own.

OPTIONAL: Slider Sandwich Bags, Gallon Bags, Post-It Notes, Copy Paper
School Pouch
2 or 3- Rolls of Paper Towels
Clorox Wipes OR Baby Wipes
4- Boxes of Tissues
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
4 or 5 Glue Sticks OR 1 Bottle of Glue
Small, sharp Scissors
5- Pks of #2 Pre-sharpened pencils (wooden),
*No plastic coated pencils
*Mechanical pencils are allowed
2- Pocket Folders
Crayons (small box)
1- Spiral Notebook
1- Bound Composition Notebook (very necessary),
Labeled “Journal”
1- Clipboard (very necessary)
1- Pkg of Copy Paper
Headphones (very necessary)-available at Dollar Tree
1- Old, Large Shirt (to be worn in Art Class)
1- Pk of Pencil Cap Erasers
2- Pks of Index Cards
1- Gallon Ziploc Bags
1- Pk of Wide-ruled, Loose-leaf Notebook Paper (Molina & LeNeave Classes ONLY)

OPTIONAL: Post-It Notes, Healthy Snacks (such as Pretzels or Goldfish), “Happy Meal” Toys OR Small Items for Treasure Box

3- Pks of #2 Lead Pencils –Ticonderoga preferred
*No Mechanical Pencils
1- Box of Crayons
School Box
2- Pks of Loose-leaf, Wide-ruled Notebook Paper
Backpack (No Wheels, Please)
Glue Sticks OR Glue
2-3 Boxes of Kleenex
1- Clipboard
1- Pk of Markers
2- Roll of Paper Towels
Old Shirt for painting
Spiral Notebooks
2- Pocket Folders
Headphones OR Ear Buds
Cap Erasers
1- Highlighter
White Copy Paper
Hand Sanitzer

GIRLS: Clorox (or other disinfecting) Wipes
BOYS: Gallon OR Half Gallon Baggies

**Kleenex and Paper Towels will be collected the first day of school

OPTIONAL: Band-aids

Trapper Keeper
1- (3-Subject) Spiral Notebook for Science
1- Pk of Copy Paper (for homeroom)
2- Glue Sticks
3- Pocket Folders (with holes)
Zipper Pencil Bag (with holes) *No School Box
2- Pks of Loose-leaf, Wide-ruled Paper
6- Pks of #2 Pencils *No Mechanical
Small Pencil Sharpener (one that catches shavings)
Crayons (24ct) *No Markers
1- Roll of Paper Towels
3– Boxes of Tissue
1- Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
4- Bound Composition Notebooks
(for Morning Work, Math, Reading, and Social Studies)
*Please label all spirals and composition notebooks)
1- Container of Clorox Wipes
Multiplication Flash Cards (keep at home)
Texas Instrument -34 (TI-34) Calculator (Optional)

2- Pks of Loose-leaf, Wide-ruled Paper
1- Pocket Folder for Social Studies
3- Boxes of Tissues
Ear Buds (available at most local discount stores)
1- Roll of Paper Towels
Yellow Highliters
1- Pocket Folder for Music
2- Composition Notebooks
Pencil Case/Pouch
Pencils – #2 Wood *No Mechanical

TI-34 Multiview 4-Line Fraction Scientific Calculator. This calculator can also be used in Middle School.

*No Trapper Keepers or Binders (Nicky’s Folder will be used for all classes)
*Headphones are provided; however, students may provide their own.
*An art smock or large old shirt for painting in Art Class is required.

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