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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Graduating Paducah seniors receive $31.16 million in scholarship offers

"They surpassed the Class of 2016, which had a record high of $11.1 million," said Sid Hancock, Tilghman college and scholarship counselor. "All of our highest achievers received multiple offers from multiple schools, including Governor's Scholars stipends and Governor's School for the Arts, things like that.

"Then, we have students who are combining athletic scholarships with academic scholarships. I'm especially proud of our high-achieving minority students who really worked hard and earned sought-after minority scholarships."

St. Mary had $2.558 million offered to all 17 members of its Class of 2019 for an average of $150,471 per student.

"This group was particularly motivated," said St. Mary School System Director Eleanor Spry.

"All of our students are motivated, but this group had a drive and were very committed to studying and very committed to their academics."

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