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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Paducah Barge receives $700K Maritime grant

"This dry dock is actually going to be very instrumental in allowing us to do more things with those guys in that program, and it's also going to allow Paducah Barge to continue growing its business as well."

According to Taylor, the company tries to give back to the community in a variety of ways.

"We're heavily involved with the River Discovery Center and Market House Theatre, and this (grant) is going to enable us to do more of the things that we like to do locally, along with continuing our education programs with the schools. We're already thinking about how we can take this and 'pay it forward,'" he said.

"Most importantly, it's going to keep a lot of guys employed in and around the Paducah area because the builder we are going to select is local. The grant money will not only be spent to build the dock, it's also going to create a dock that's going to stay right here. So, it's a great thing for Paducah."

In addition, the marine industry will benefit from Paducah Barge being able to expand its services, according to Taylor.

"Our yard is at mile 43 on the Cumberland River," he said. "This will be the only dry dock (on the Cumberland). All of those quarries up on the Cumberland that are based out of Paducah, they now have easier access to barge repair.

"All of the traffic going from Paducah to Nashville now will have the ability to be serviced there as well."

Taylor said he is encouraged that many of the grant recipients are located on the inland waterways system.

"The (U.S.) Department of Transportation, as our population grows, is steadily looking at opportunities to transport goods and the rivers are first in line," he said. "We can move it faster and cheaper because of the size and quantity of what we are able to move.

"The DOT is really focusing on that and they're trying to get dollars and resources to the industry," he said. "And (because of Paducah's location in the inland waterways), as the river industry grows, so will the importance of Paducah."

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