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"I am extremely grateful for her compassion and ferocious protection of one of her students."

In transporting the child to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, he was brought into a very overwhelming and structured hospital with a ER trauma program that is designed to try and catch all injuries as soon as possible so that the patient can be treated even when they may not know they are injured. This is sometimes hard for adult patients to comprehend and relax around but almost impossible for a pediatric patient to do the same for. Again, Mrs. Crouch never left his side except when required and when she did, she was not very far from him. And when the patient became completely inconsolable, Mrs. Crouch was brought in from just outside the hallway and brought him back down to a level that they could complete their exam.

I know that Mrs. Crouch is not the only teacher at her school that would do this for her kids. But what I do know is that for a life and death event as scary as it was for this young patient, she made a scary and unknown world bright and less stressful. I can not emphasize the importance of what this meant for a pediatric patient. If either I or the trauma team are unable to successfully obtain a good physical exam due to the patient being to agitated or excited, the potential to miss severe injuries could lead to death or permanent disability. She was absolutely vital in the successful outcome of this event.

I want you to know that as a healthcare provider, I am thankful that Mrs. Crouch was there and the job she did. But more importantly, as a parent of two children, I am extremely grateful for her compassion and ferocious protection of one of her students. She is exactly what the best of the education profession is.

And as a Bowling Green native, I am proud to say that I grew up with countless teachers just like her.

Cory Buckner
Nashville Fire Department

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