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Clark Students Advance to National History Day State Competition

Elementary Group Documentary: Max Tolar and Nathan Franklin for "The Nazi's and America's Involvement"

Elementary Group Exhibit: Ellie Farley and Erica Wurth for "Suffering Suffragettes"

Elementary Group Performance: Blain Oliver and Tate Kirchhoff for "Battle of Trenton"

Elementary Group Website: Bailey Beyer and Kara Brien for "Working Women of WWII"

Ja'Niya Hart and Lily Bugg for "Ruby Bridges"

Elementary Individual Documentary: Veracity Moore for "The Unsinkable Ship: How the End Affected the Beginning"

Elementary Individual Exhibit: Wells Hancock for "Rosa Parks: Not Willing to Compromise"

Lucy LeBuhn for "The Little Rock 9"

Lilly Smith for "Civil War"

Elementary Individual Performance: Caroline Adkins for "Mercy Otis Warren"

Eliza Esper for "A Brave New World"

Elementary Individual Website: Ryan Bidwell for "The Boston Massacre"

Russell Hancock for "Alternative Fuels: An Earth-Friendly Compromise to a Global Conflict"

Whitson McNeill for "Old Enough To Fight, Old Enough To Vote"

H.G. Page for "The Berlin Wall."

Mrs. Debbie Stewart is the advisor for Clark Elementary's National History Day program.

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