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Speech Team's Price, Shute, and Lambert Named Kentucky Commonwealth Ambassadors

With the Speech and Debate Team, Price, Shute, and Lambert recently planned and moderated a 2018 Kentucky Congressional Candidates Forum. Randy Bridges and Martha Emmons, candidates for Kentucky District 3 State Senate Representative, and Danny Carroll and Julie Tennyson, candidates for Kentucky District 2 State Senate Representative, presented their platforms and answered questions at the free community event. For the first time, the student-run forum was broadcast live on local radio.
“There has been some major discord in the political circles that has brought a lot of interest, pretty much unprecedented interest from my generation and the generations around us,” said Price to WPSD news. “We’ll be feeling the impacts of the decisions made today.”
Speech Team coach Rachael Castillo echoed Price’s sentiment, explaining to WPSD, “I want people to recognize that even if someone is 16,17,18, that person is still a fully formed human with complex thoughts and opinions that matter, and they deserve to have a voice in our country.”
This is the fourth Candidates Forum that the Tilghman Speech and Debate Team has hosted since 2012.

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