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Bidwell Places in Halloween Short Story Contest

It was a dark and stormy night. I was sitting around the fire with my two friends. We had just finished toasting marshmallows to make s’mores, when a black cat jumped out of the woods! My friends were startled, but I wasn’t scared. “You think that was scary?” I said, “Clearly you’ve never heard the tale of the Wendigo.” My friends looked at me with curiosity. 

“What’s that?” they asked. 

I chuckled. “Well friends, let me weave you a tale.” My friends looked at me anxiously, gesturing for me to continue. I leaned forward, allowing my face to be partly illuminated by the fire. In a serious tone, I started the story.

“It was a dark and cloudy night, very similar to this one. Three hikers were wandering through a forest, hoping to find their friend, who had gone missing.” I paused for dramatic effect. “Little did they know, they wouldn’t find their friend at all.” Thunder boomed across the sky, perfectly timed to my story. I smiled menacingly, then continued. “The hikers were calling the names of their friend, trying in vain to find him. Suddenly, they heard a noise!” 

A stick breaks in the distance. My friends and I tense up. I shudder before resuming my story. “The noise startles them. They turn around, only to see that one of the friends had disappeared!” “Unsure of what to do, they continue on.” I took a breath. “…Now looking for two hikers, instead of one.” My friend, Wilson, starts to breathe heavily. I continued. “The hikers follow the trail deeper into the woods when they come upon a wooden tower. One hiker agrees to go up, while the other keeps watch below. The hiker slowly makes his way to the top of the tower. The stairs were creaking with each step. When he reaches the top, he finds a radio! Relieved, he picks it up and quickly tries to reach the park ranger. ‘Hello!’ he yells. ‘I need help!’ The only response he receives is static. He leans over the edge of the tower to yell to his companion, but he cannot see her anywhere. Suddenly, he hears a noise on the roof. He slowly tilts his head up to look, when…” 


A figure jumps out of the forest beside us. My friends and I drop everything and run away from our fire. The silhouette follows us. However, when I look back, I realize that it was my dad! 

“Hey there, kids” he says with a big grin on his face, “Did I scare you?” 

“What do you think?” I ask. “Everyone two campsites over heard our screams!” 

My dad dropped the wood he was carrying. “I had gone to get firewood,” he explained. “I overheard you guys telling scary stories and I couldn’t resist scaring you!” he laughed. 

“Well, you got us!” I told him. “But, I’m pretty tired now. I’m going to bed!” 

We all laugh as we make our way to our tents. As everyone falls asleep, a loud noise echoes out through the woods. Maybe there was something to be worried about after all…

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