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Superintendent Donald Shively apologizes for racially insensitive photo

Paducah Board of Education chair Carl LeBuhn, MD:
“To be clear, I and all of the members of the Paducah Board of Education find the use of blackface to be deeply offensive.
“However, to Dr. Shively’s credit, he self-reported the existence of this photograph taken over 15 years ago to the Board of Education in February 2019.
“Dr. Shively’s apology and remorse were felt to be sincere by the Board. All members of the Board expressed, or agreed that, while the costume was offensive and inappropriate, Dr. Shively’s demonstrated attitude and actions, dedication to the District, and commitment to ensuring equity for all students are more telling of his character and racial attitudes than an incident from almost two decades ago.
“Dr. Shively continues to work to improve outcomes for all students, decrease the achievement gap, and provide opportunities for all students, regardless of race or background. As a result, at that time (during review in 2019), no discipline or action was proposed or acted upon by the Board.”

If you have a complaint, concern, or question with regard to the photo, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 270-558-6648. This will allow us to collect all complaints in a central location so they can be reviewed by the Board of Education.

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