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Changemakers: how one local man is helping guide both kids and adults

McKinley says seeing his students grow throughout their four years in high school is incredible. He says he’s able to encourage and motivate students of all colors to follow their dreams, and that they can be anything they want to be.

Specifically being able to influence my black students to show them that you can be a teacher and educate other people, that is powerful, that is currency,” McKinley said. “So many of the students don’t have someone to view that’s in a position like this. I’m blessed not only to be a math teacher here, but I’m the head of the math department and so to be the chairperson of this department is another avenue hopefully where the students can see a path for themselves."

McKinley says his students fuel his passion for teaching every day, and he knows that as long as he helps at least one student, his job is done. McKinley wears a lot of hats, when the last bell rings at school, his other job as a pastor at Central Church of Christ just begins. He’s been preaching for a few years, and says guiding both children and adults gives him a reason for being.

“If you’re going to be somewhere, why not leave a positive imprint? That’s my whole goal wherever I am, I hope to leave it better than it was when I came in so hopefully I am making an impact.” McKinley said.

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