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Paducah Public Schools News Article

Students Earn Bikes By Reading

First-grader Christian Coleman and fourth-grader Aiden Forthman won  bicycles for their reading effort in the first part of the school year.  Another pair of bikes will be given to Morgan, Clark and McNabb  elementary schools near the end of the school year. Two students at  Clark and McNabb won bikes before the Christmas break. 
Program coordinator Craig Howard brought the program idea to Paducah from the Dawn Busters Kiwanis Club of Metarie, Lousiana, citing its success in encouraging students to read more books.

"Basically, we give two bikes per school per year, and then BikeWorld matches what we do," Howard said. "So we wind up having four bikes for each school each year. We give two out at midyear and two out at the end of the school year. We generally have a 20-inch bike for the smaller ones and 24-inch for the bigger ones."

Howard said the success of the program in Paducah has mirrored that in Louisiana.

"The kids just get super-excited about it, and the teachers say that it really works as far them working toward trying to win the bikes," he said. "So, the teachers really like it."

The Trek bikes are provided by BikeWorld along with a safety helmet.

The program works in conjunction with the Accelerated Reader Program, a computer-based reading management and motivational system designed to challenge students to read more books.

The program was formerly called "Reading Renaissance" and was introduced to teachers in 1996. After reading a book, a student takes on online quiz based on the book. Students are able to read the books at their own speed.
by David B. Snow
The Paducah Sun
January 27, 2018
Used with permission.

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