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MCCCE Honor Helps Students Pursue Dreams

“I have a lot of medical influences in my family,” Robinson said. “My grandmother was a nurse, my aunt was a nurse, and I have cousins who are nurses.

“And, then my father passed away in 2013 from cancer and that really solidified my goal of wanting to do something in the medical field.”

Her dream is to attend Harvard University.

PaxtonScholars will receive college scholarship funds based on grade-point averages during their junior and senior years of high school and through the first two semesters of college. Each student will also receive, among other resources, a college-suitable laptop computer.

“It’s a great honor (being selected), I feel very blessed, to have this to help with my education,” Robinson said. “It was just a weight lifted off our shoulders.”
Regarding her future, “I just want to go where God leads me, that’s it.”

Williams has some young family members with developmental issues she helps with, and also helps look after a couple of elderly women she has met and become friends with through her mother’s work.

She, too has drawn on her personal experience in setting a career goal for herself in the area of finance, perhaps as an accountant.

“My love for finance is something I hold very close, and I’m very proud of having it as a career option,” she said. “Growing up, we struggled with money, and I want to help other people be more secure and financially stable.’

Participating in extra-curricular activities has been difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions, but she has enjoyed participating in Art Club, among others.

She plans to attend West Kentucky Community and Technical College and then transfer to Murray State University.

While enjoying helping others, Williams is also thankful for the assistance provided by the MCCCE scholarship.

“I’ve tried hard to get to where I am now, and this program will help me be even more prepared to go to college and make me a little bit less anxious (about the costs) that come with it.”

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