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Update: Paducah Public Schools Seeks Candidates for Chief Equity Officer

POSITION SUMMARY: Plans, guides and advises Superintendent, District Cabinet and Board of Education on diversity, equity and social justice issues.
REPORTS TO: Superintendent
SUPERVISES: District Equity Team, Equity Action Committee and Staff Diversity Team
Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the District’s Equity Team and Staff Diversity Team
Support and monitor the fair and consistent application and interpretation of District policies and/or state, federal, and local regulations
Assist the District and schools in resolving educational and diversity issues affecting educators, students, parents, and the community
Assist educators in creating culturally supportive learning environments that ensure high expectations for the academic achievement of all students
Conduct demographics and enrollment research in support of increasing student achievement
Consults with the Superintendent and other personnel on inquiries related to the support and implementation of SBDM, equity, and the effective two-way communication of pertinent matters
Collaborates with district leadership regarding the development and implementation of effective and efficient practices and strategies in areas related to student voice
Coordinates trainings for SBDM council members as needed
Assists SBDM councils with policy development, reviews and other SBDM practices with a focus on policies and practices designed to enhance student achievement for all, at high levels
Assists SBDM councils in data disaggregation and data analysis regarding equity issues
Support school administrators on equity related issues for effective administration of all aspects of school programs
Support the engagement of family and community partners in various academic, instructional, social and emotional supportive services
Help to foster, create, and maintain responsive & welcoming school culture and learning environments for parents, families, and community partners
Help create programs, plans and policies to address the inequities of marginalized students and families
Develops and implements Districtwide training to promote cultural proficiency and competency and a climate of equity and inclusion
Provides support to District and community on the efforts, impact and progress of racial equity policy initiatives
Advises individuals and departments on appropriate actions(s) to be taken as it relates to cultural competence, fairness and racial equity
Provides training for certified and non-certified staff with regards to Racial Equity, Gender Equity, curricular design and Implicit Bias
Advises Superintendent, District Cabinet and the Paducah Board of Education as needed with regards to equity
Promotes systemic equity and a climate of acceptance and inclusion through interaction with individuals and agencies inside and outside the District
Represents the District in regional and local associations, civic clubs, ethnic and non-profit organizations and boards
Gathers, researches and analyzes data for use in statistical calculations and reporting in order to meet the District goals and vision
Participates, supports and advises recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups and monitors, evaluates and assess adequacy of diversity of candidates in the hiring and screening process
Works with Superintendent and Board of Education to develop recruitment strategies that attract underrepresented candidates
Manages the department budget including developing budget proposals, justifying expenses and monitoring accounts
Collaborates with all consultants, committees, stakeholders, community boards, coalitions, businesses, local elected officials and trade associations that impact the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion
Collaborate with the Community Relations Director and Assistant Superintendent to plan, develop, market diversity and inclusion-focused education, programs, and events for faculty, staff, students and families
Work with Community Relations Director to publicize diversity-related events, educational opportunities, workshops, etc. for students, faculty, families, and the local community
Attends all meetings of the Board of Education and provides input
Provide support for the physical, cultural, socio-economic, and intellectual needs of all students in ways that reflect a commitment to equity and an appreciation of diversity
Evaluates staff as assigned
Serve as Title IX/Equity Coordinator to investigate allegations of harassment/discrimination
Assume responsibility for other projects as assigned by the Superintendent. Additional duties that may be required include but are not limited to advising, public speaking on behalf of the school/district, and travel to job fairs, schools, workshops and conferences. From time to time, work hours may extend to evening and/or weekend duties.
Follows all Board of Education policies, procedures, and all state and federal laws
Adheres to the Professional Code of Ethics
Knowledge and experience in dealing with other cultures represented by the community
Ability to effectively work and communicate with students, parents, school personnel and community members from diverse cultures or backgrounds
Knowledge of District and SBDM policies and procedures
Maintain integrity of confidential information relating to students, staff, or district patrons
Ability to promote and develop a cooperative work environment
Demonstrated excellence in written and oral communication skills
Demonstrated excellence in research, technology skills, and data disaggregation
Commitment to diversity and a strong interest in planning multicultural programming
Comfort with and enthusiasm for students in preschool through secondary school
Capacity to work with others in a high-functioning, collaborative, and innovative educational setting
Bachelor’s degree in education and Master’s degree in Educational Leadership or related field (required)
3 years of school level administrative experience in education (preferred)
Demonstrated ability to work with agencies and community organizations (preferred)
General knowledge of Kentucky School Law (preferred)
Knowledge of culturally responsive teaching and pedagogical practices (preferred)
 Chief Equity Officer – 240 day employee with salary determined by the teachers and administrative salary schedules adopted by the Paducah Board of Education.
 Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Certified Personnel. Evaluation will be conducted by the superintendent.
Primary Location                                District Wide                            
Salary Range                                $72,215.00 - $101,580.00 / Per Year                            
Shift Type                                Full-Time                            
Job Contact Information
Name                                William Black                            
Title                                Assistant Superintendent                            
Email                                [email protected]

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