Last Day of School for Clark, McNabb, and Morgan Students (1/2 Day)
Starting 5/11/2020
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• Paducah Public Schools - District Events
The final day of school for Clark Elementary, McNabb Elementary, and Morgan Elementary will be Monday, May 11. The last day of instruction for the elementary schools on May 11 will be a half day in length.

In explaining the different ending day for the elementary schools, Superintendent Donald Shively said that the Senate Bill 177, which approved emergency relief for local school districts impacted by COVID-19, mandates that 1062 hours of instruction be completed during the school year.

“Since our elementary schools have 30 minutes of recess in a school day, that puts them a bit short of having 1062 hours of instruction on May 8,” Shively explained. “To meet the required 1062 hours of instruction, our elementary schools will need to complete a half day of instruction on May 11.”
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