Paducah Middle Student Locker/Personal Item Pickup Schedule
Starting 5/11/2020 and ending on 5/28/2020
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Locker/personal item pickup for Paducah Middle students will be held from May 11 - 28 based on the attached schedule.

Based on recommendations from the CDC, Paducah Middle has completed a plan that would allow students to pick up personal items from their lockers and comply with the mandates of social distancing and social gathering. We strongly urge you to please follow the schedule to pick up your items.

Students will be allowed in the building at the given times based on their last name. Please see attached schedule.

The schedule, if followed, will only allow 25 to 30 students to be on campus at any given time during their two hour window for picking up personal items, turning in schools property (uniforms, text books, library books etc.) and paying any fees owed to the school.

Only 1 household member will be allowed in the school to take care of the above business.

Students must bring their own bags to put their items in.

Trash cans stationed throughout building for trash or items to be discarded.

Only ten students will be allowed in building at any given time. All others will wait outside until somebody exits.
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