Paducah Middle Basketball vs. North Marshall 7G/8G
Starting 1/11/2021 at 5:30 PM
Event Groups:
• Paducah Middle School - Paducah Middle School Sports
Our games will not be open to the public but we will allow the following:
1.  3 spectators per home basketball player.
2.  2 spectators per cheerleader.
3.  2 spectators per visiting basketball player (limit 50 tickets for visitors)
4.  Tickets will be sold electronically.  The ticket link will be sent to parents via Kinvo, posted on the district website, and posted on the Paducah Middle Facebook page.
5. Tickets for games on the road will be TBA and depend on the site.
6.  All spectators will be expected to wear a mask.  Families may sit together but 6 ft. apart from other spectators.  
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