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"Dear School Board Members..."

Students in Mrs. Ruggles' fifth grade class at Clark Elementary wrote thank-you letters to members of the board of education. The letters were written in celebration of Kentucky Schools Boards month which recognizes the contributions that board members make to education in the commonwealth.

"I just want to pause and say thank you for what you do for the students of this district," Superintendent Donald Shively said at the board meeting on January 11. "For the time and the effort that they put into the students, and the guidance they give us as educators, all the training and out-of-town events and district events they attend, doing all that without taking a dime. Sometimes it's a thankless job, I know. But it really helps us reach each and every child in our district."

To see a sample of the letters that were written (along with some fine cursive handwriting), click "Read More".

Posted Thursday, January 21, 2016