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Clark Leadership Project Collects Halloween Candy Wrappers for "Trick or Trash" Project

We are pleased to announce that 100% of our Clark Elementary student body participated in a "Trick or Trash" Leadership Project. This leadership project was designed to be shared alongside Rubicon Global’s “Trick or Trash” campaign in which specially-designed recycling boxes for candy wrappers were donated to Clark Elementary ahead of Halloween 2019. Students were encouraged to bring their wrappers to school and put them in the box, directly contributing to the circular economy.

Day after day, more and more students are becoming aware of recycling and its benefits to our planet. What students have learned through this Leadership Project is how important recycling our Trick or Treat trash is to our economy. They have learned recycling is vital to what is called the “circular economy”, a system that is designed to phase out pollution and waste and phase in products and solutions that have longer life spans and multiple uses. Not only is it important for students to understand the principles of “circularity”, but it is also motivating for them to know what new products can come from their own recycling efforts!

Posted Friday, November 8, 2019