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City of Paducah Enters Agreement with Paducah Public Schools for School Resource Officers
Police Chief Brian Laird said, “Superintendent Shively and I have discussed this.  We think this is a really good opportunity for a partnership between the City and the School System.  But it also gives us the opportunity as a police department to provide good services for our schools.  There’s a level of safety and security that’s out there.”  
Chief Laird also emphasized that the main goal is to build stronger relationships between the police department and local youth.  
Commissioner Raynarldo Henderson said, “I’m trusting as you move forward in the hiring of these three people that they will have a passion for young people.”
Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Wilson added, “I also look at it is as recruiting for new officers.  When they see you [police officers] and begin to build that relationship and trust, they may want to serve our community in this role.” 
These officers are in addition to the current school resource officer at Paducah Tilghman.  The Memorandum of Understanding, which expires in 2025, was approved by the Paducah Board of Education on January 11.

by: Pam Spencer, Communications Manager, City of Paducah