Inclement Weather Procedure

From the Paducah Middle School administration

In the event of early dismissal due to inclement weather, the following procedure will be followed:

Buses will pull onto the lot - bus riders will be dismissed first
All others students will be sent to the cafeteria for parent pick up
Parents can enter the parking lot only after the buses have left
Parents do not have to enter the building to sign out their student
There will be two entrances onto the parking lot: Lone Oak Road and Alley
Parents will pull up to the administrator by the basketball court, the administrator will radio into the building, and the child will be sent to the car
ALL students will use the exit by the bandroom door.
Parents entering from Lone Oak will then turn left on Clark St. back to Lone Oak Road
Parents entering from the Alley will then turn right on Clark St. at Davis Drugs
Walkers will be dismissed last, in case a parent chooses to pick them up by car.