Extended School Services

Appeal Process for Selection or Non-Selection of Students

A parent who disagrees with the selection or non-selection of a student for extended school services shall first contact the child’s teacher. After careful review of the child’s performance level, an effort shall be made to reach a cooperative agreement regarding the need for extended school services.

If the parent is not satisfied with the decision, the parent may contact the principal. The principal will collect information form the parent and the teacher. In some instances, it might be appropriate to include the student in either of the discussion groups. The principal shall make the final determination for referral for extended school services.

Extended School Services Student Selection Policy

Paducah Public Schools offer tutoring services for students through the Kentucky Department of Education's Extended School Services Grant. Other grant funds may be used to supplement the programs enabling the schools to serve more students or to offer tutoring sessions with lower teacher to student ratios. If you are a guardian interested in tutoring services for your child, please contact your child's school office for an appointment to discuss your child's learning needs.

At present, extended school services in Paducah Schools include after-school tutoring and summer school for all students, entry level through grade twelve, who qualify according to the selection criteria. School staffs identify the students based on test scores and classroom performance.

The extended school services program shall serve, in priority order, students who are

  • At-risk of being retained and need additional assistance

  • At-risk of failing to graduate and need additional assistance

  • Low-performing and need remediation and/or special education

  • In danger of falling behind and need prevention services.

The following methods of documentation shall be used to verify student eligibility for extended school services:

  • Teacher recommendation based upon classroom observation and anecdotal records or parent recommendation

  • Academic performance based upon formal and informal measures of progress (test scores, grades, etc.)

  • Behavioral and developmental progress as demonstrated in formal and informal assessments and reports.

After the decision is made that a student might benefit from extended school services, a referral is made by the teacher either to the extended school services coordinator for the building, the guidance counselor or the building principal. A letter should then be sent to the parents notifying them of the child’s selection and the dates and times the student is expected to attend. Parents and the student, when appropriate, should be asked to sign indicating commitment to the program.

Extended school services are intended to provide additional time needed by students to achieve expected outcomes. Extended school services are not to be used for disciplinary or punitive purposes.