Public Relations

The Public Relations Office at Paducah Public Schools manages the district’s marketing, community relations, and communication efforts. The goal of the public relations unit is to build healthy, two-way relationships with all of the district’s key internal and external audiences.


We want to hear your stories.   

Excellence, Tradition, Pride. Do you know of a student or instructor who embodies the spirit of our district? How about a volunteer or alumni that deserves some recognition for their contributions? 


Every day, the Public Relations Office strives to share the good news about Paducah Public Schools. We need your help though in making this happen. Send us your ideas here.  

public relations



Public Relations Coordinator 

Office: 270-444-5600 (ext. 1006)

Cell: 270-217-1969 

What are the Brand Colors for Paducah Public Schools?

If you are ordering shirts or creating print or online graphics, the blue that we want to use on a consistent basis is Pantone 293.

Pantone Blue 293
RGB: 0 71 186
HEX: 0047ba
CMYK: 10 5,65 0 2.71

A complementary shade of blue is Pantone 294.
RGB: 0 56 130
HEX: 003882
CMYK: 0 5.33 0 4.71

The official Gray is Pantone Black 0961
Pantone Black 0961
RGB: 158 151 142
CMYK: 11 13 18 33

If you have any questions, please contact Wayne Walden or Lisa Chappell.