Instructional Material Adoption

New Elementary Math Textbook Adoption

May 18, 2023

Dear Paducah Schools’ Families and Stakeholders,

Our elementary textbook committee just completed a comprehensive math textbook adoption process for our elementary schools. I am reaching out to share information about the adoption process as well as the textbook recommended by the committee.

Our textbook committee included lead math teachers from every grade level of every elementary school, other teachers, instructional coaches, and elementary administrators. We also added one middle school math teacher, one high school math teacher, and one WKCTC math professor to the committee.

The committee followed an adoption process outlined by a non-profit organization called This process involved goal setting, research, sample review, and publisher presentations. More information on the adoption process is located here: Adoption Steps (

Over a two-month period, the committee conducted reviews of many different core math programs. We narrowed the options down to four programs that all demonstrated the highest ratings in the following areas:

• Focus & Coherence (Is the program aligned to the standards?)

• Rigor & Mathematical Practices (Is the program rigorous? Does it effectively develop math practices?)

• Usability (Is the program user friendly?)

The committee conducted a thorough review of materials from the top four programs, and then we invited publishers to share the benefits of their program with the committee.

Finally, the committee recommended the program that we felt best meets the needs of our students. It is called i-Ready Classroom Math. It received the highest ratings in all areas of review. Schools around us who are using i-Ready give it high marks as well. Finally, it has some remarkable online tools for personalized learning that the committee is especially excited about. If you would like to read more about this program, a summary review is located at this link: i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ( If you have any questions about i-Ready or about our textbook adoption process, please feel free to contact me at


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