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Paducah Public Schools Calendar 2024-25 (Color Coded Version

Paducah Public Schools Baptist Health Consent Form 24-25

Educational Enhancement Opportunity Request Form

Pages 1 and 2 of this document should be completed to request and absence so that a child may participate in an educational activity. Parents or guardians should complete this form and return it to the principal where their child attends at least five (5) days prior to the absence. Such an absence as requested by this signed application and approved by the school principal will be considered an excused absence.

Kentucky High School Athletics (KHSAA) Athletic Participation Form 24-25

Paducah Public Schools Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline 24-25

School Libraries Catalog

This is a link to the catalogs of all our school libraries: Clark, Morgan, McNabb, Paducah Middle, and PTHS.

Clever Portal

Microsoft Office Login

Here's the link to use to log in to Office 365.

Microsoft Teams How-To

You'll find information here on how to upload and turn in assignments on Microsoft teams using your phone or a computer.

Infinite Campus Portal

This is the campus portal login for Paducah Public Schools

Baptist Health Clinic Information

Baptist Health and Four Rivers Behavioral Health provide on-site medical care and counseling services to students and staff of Paducah Public Schools.

PPS Bus Routes

You'll find bus routes for your school here.

PPS Inclement Weather Bus Routes

Are the roads icy? You'll find modified bus routes here.

Renaissance Place

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Odyssey Ware

School Report Cards

Paducah Public Schools Policies and Procedures Manual

Kentucky School Laws

On a biennial basis the Commissioner publishes the complete school laws of the Commonwealth pursuant to KRS 156.240. It contains those provisions of the KY Constitution and the KY Revised Statutes pertaining to schools and education. In addition, it conta